What Is The Purpose Of Email Marketing?

It's marketing by sending e-mails of course.  And.... I'm done.

Not really - I'm going to cover some tips for email marketing below that will help you get started.

Getting to the Inbox - Deliverability

It's the most simple of marketing methods to understand, but also one of the hardest ones to master.

The reason? We get sent that many e-mails, we have have the shortest amount of time to get our readers' attention.

And therein lies the challenge.  More on that later.

First, let's talk about how you do email marketing - first of all you need auto-responder software.  No, you can't use your gmail, or your outlook application.  Well, you could, but it would get shut down really quick.  And you'd probably also very likely end up in the SPAM folder too.  The companies that provide this software work really hard to make sure that the e-mails that we send make it to our subscribers' inbox.

If emails don't make it to the inbox, our subscribers will not open them, or click the links.  And we won't make any money.

A lot of the problem, especially when we are starting out, is that our subscribers don't know who we are.  They have not yet learned what we represent, our style, and we haven't developed a relationship with them.  If we had, and they recognize us, in the from: part of the email. Most people will open an e-mail based on this fact alone.

If you're someone who likes to tell jokes, you could do that.  Even your subscribers may look forward to those, if you are good with jokes.  You need to be uniquely you.

If you don't develop a relationship, then you're working just off of the subject lines, and then the email body to get people to take action.  Even though a lot of people say that you should develop a relationship.  I agree with this.  However, I have also tried pitching type e-mails to subscribers, if they direct them toward the solution that they are looking for, that can also work.  You should expect that you're more likely to burn out your subscribers, who would more than likely unsubscribe.

Writing Legendary Email Subject Lines

Writing good subject lines can be very similar to writing good headlines for an article.

The ones that most often work are ones that use curiosity... like... "WHOA!".  Strangely something like that subject has worked well for me in the past.  You can also say something like "WHOA, what an incredible result", or something like that.

Or if you offer something, like an 80% discount, or, "bonuses now available" sometimes work too.  Especially if you're doing a campaign that is promoting a product via a series of e-mails.  If you're gradually introducing the product and its benefits, then adding reasons to buy, scarcity if there really is, discounts, bonuses.  These can tip the reader to click the link, which is ultimately what we want them to do.  Obviously to do that, we need them to open the e-mail first.

Writing The Email Body To Get The Click

The email body needs ideally to tell a story, explain the benefits, give a reason that the reader needs the solution.

Don't do hyped up e-mails.  But try to read headlines from the sales page, pick up things that stand out for you, and try them out in the copy.  the reason you can do that, is because they will have already been tested by the product owner to ensure that they are effective.

If you are giving a reason, or telling a story that introduces the product, you can use for the text of the link, a statement that is congruent with the concept that you introduced.

I would do something like...

When I started I tried everything to try to get people to open my e-mails.  Subjects that I felt sure would get people to open, just didn't.  I tried everything, and just didn't understand why my open rate was zero.  Was something broken, surely somebody would get curious.

I had 126 people on my list.  I thought that that was plenty, surely within those people there would be one that would be curious enough to open my e-mail.  But they never did.

Then it dawned on me... curious...  they perhaps were not curious.

I'd already given them the answer, and they were not interested...

Swipe files are old emails that you copy, to give you inspiration, ideas and content to use when re-writing for your next e-mails.  When you're stuck, and can't think what to write, you can use a swipe file. I use them all the time now, and get 30%+ open rates with them.

If you're finding the same difficulties as me - click here to get a massive 5285 email swipes that you can use to get people opening your e-mails.

Or something like... click here to get 5285 email swipes - #36 got me an open rate of 43%.  This second one creates a bit more curiosity, and a viable reason to purchase them.


Remember to try lots of different ways to get opens and get clicks, even if you get a swipe file, you should have a look at your open rates and click rates, and try to figure out what works, and recreate it.

If you want to make money out of these improvements, read how to make money as a ClickFunnels affiliate.  Training is included.

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