Why should I care about how emotional a headline is?

Emotional words for headlines are what causes posts to be read, ordinary words do not.

If your posts and articles are not being read then your headline might be to blame.

And Emotional words for headlines could well be the cure!

Using the right words can be the difference between no sales and being a success.

Sizzling Steak Headline

What would you prefer to hear about, the mashed potato, steak and peas that you ate last night, or the juicy sizzling steak with delicious creamy mashed potato and the sweetest tasting peas ever?

51 Emotional Words To Put In Your Headlines

Words are very powerful weapons in our quest to get people to read our content.

Here are 51 that will help you (in no particular order):

  1. Astonishing
  2. Surging
  3. Unparalleled
  4. Suddenly
  5. Exclusive
  6. Rare
  7. Breakthrough
  8. Simplistic
  9. Remarkable
  10. Guaranteed
  11. Confidential
  12. Powerful
  13. Innovative
  14. Proven
  15. Weird
  16. Quick
  17. Easy
  18. Value
  19. Suddenly
  20. Urgent
  21. Amazing
  22. Monumental
  23. Excellent
  24. Popular
  25. Unlimited
  26. Powerful
  27. Exploit
  28. Expert
  29. Profitable
  30. Urgent
  31. Pioneering
  32. Greatest
  33. Colossal
  34. Exciting
  35. Unique
  36. Secrets
  37. Lifetime
  38. Reliable
  39. Zinger
  40. Emerging
  41. Revolutionary
  42. Magic
  43. Opportunity
  44. Surprise
  45. Fortune
  46. Unlock
  47. Reward
  48. Gigantic
  49. Tested
  50. Improved
  51. How to

Putting Together An Emotional Headline That Gets Clicks

Emotional headlines get shared a lot more than headlines without emotion (see here).  A headline that evokes emotion – sadness, happiness, doesn’t really matter – will have a much higher chance of success than one that does not.

With a headline you have an angle – a way to think about the problem or solution, that is common.  You can then construct ideas based on this angle to brainstorm a bunch of headlines that include some of these words.

The headline does need to make a promise, either explicitly or implied.  The headline needs to make sense, and you should be able to play around with different words using a thesaurus.

In this way you can construct a lot of headlines.  Then you could test those headlines and use the number of clicks that you get to your call to action (click a link to do something) to measure the number of visitors that performed the call to action, divided by the number of visitors, multiplied by 100.  Given the percentage, you can then compare the most effective.

How To Figure Out If A Headline Works Or Not

headline grader

Another alternative is to use this tool to grade your headline based on a scoring system that is found to work well.  I would still test this out, as it would be dependent upon your visitors as to what is most effective.  However, it is a great start to gather together a bunch of really useful headlines to use.

Play around with the list of words around your keywords, and whatever promise you are making or problem you are solving in your post.  I just find that it’s a really great playground to brainstorm ideas, and try things out.

Once you get good at constructing these, and thinking in terms of your visitor, you may no longer need that tool.

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Sources: http://coschedule.com/blog/emotional-headlines/


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