Hi, my name is Martin Platt.  Let me share a little about how I came to be here on this blog.  I’ve always been into technology, for many years now.  However, I have never fit into the typical stereotype of a “tech geek”.  If you don’t know what that is, it is someone who sits in the corner and doesn’t talk to anyone, or when they do, it is in a language that only they understand – technology.


I particularly enjoy working with new things before anyone else does and using those things to help people.  That has been my job for a long time, and lead me online to internet marketing.  I thought that I had created many sites, but never benefited from the sales that came from it.  I thought, seriously, how hard can that be, right?


I have tried pretty much everything online.  Web sites, videos, selling solo ads (renting my email list), publisher (earning money from advertising), product creation.  Some things were successful, some things not so much.  I had quite a long break from internet marketing after having things go wrong – it was easier for me to get out than to push on.  That, I subsequently realized was a mistake, and a wasted a lot of time working for the man.


All these challenges whilst irritating made me more knowledgeable, and more capable of having a successful business.  If this happened again, I would find a way around it, and push on.


Life, or the universe then conspired to get me back into internet marketing, and I began to realize that I know a lot more about the various ways to do internet marketing, than a lot of people who considered themselves experts.  But I hadn’t really got a sustainable business – success that lasts.


It was very easy for me to fall back onto “my real job”, as it was paid well, and when the projects were good, and I could help people, I did enjoy it.  Often that was not what happened, and I got frustrated, and felt like I was wasting time in life.  I think that this job was a lot of the reason why I didn’t become successful at a much younger age.  That’s all part of the journey, I guess.  Staying in your comfort zone isn’t always great.


The change I made since the break is that I wanted to make sure that I didn’t find myself in a difficult position again, so I wanted to make sure that I had a mentor to help me, and to give me some accountability, some steps to reach a level where I couldn’t fail.  I just needed to apply myself.


My mentor is John Thornhill, who has been around since way before I started on this journey initially, some 10 years ago, and he has been massively successful.  I also wanted to be able to connect with, other marketers who are already successful, particularly in areas where the super affiliates hang out.


I know from experience that building the sort of online presence and creating and launching products is hard without knowing some quality people who are already successful.  The difference is between making a couple of sales and dealing with constant refunds, to powering through hundreds or thousands of sales, and establishing yourself as an authority. I’ve experienced the first scenario a couple of times to lesser degrees, and it can be frustrating.


Immediately getting back into the business I made a few sales and a few hundred dollars doing affiliate marketing (marketing other people’s products) I felt as though, to sustain my efforts, I needed something more (or it would take me a time to achieve what I wanted).  I started to investigate high ticket products, which was what alerted me to John’s training initially.  I first started to research it with a view to promoting it.  As I researched, I found that it sounded more and more like the thing I needed, that missing piece of the puzzle.  My mentor.


If you’re like me, and have tried anything, or you want to bypass all the challenges I have come across, you can have a look at that same training by clicking here.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.  It ticks all the boxes and will be well suited to a complete beginner as it would someone like me, who knows things, but hasn’t yet put the puzzle together.


I’m originally from near Manchester in England, but have long lived in Brisbane in Australia.  We moved here without booking accommodation, or having a job, or really knowing anybody.  I love adventures, and I love traveling.  We turned up here at 12:30am, no accommodation, and asked the taxi driver where would be open.  Managed to get into a backpacking place for the night.  Been here ever since.


In the past, I have been a gymnast, competed many times in many competitions.  I started doing that because as a kid I had too much energy.  Did that for ten years, and coached toward the end.  I also did Muay Thai – Thai Boxing, which I absolutely loved for the fitness aspect – but it’s so much more – very strategic even though it looks like a brawl.  And more recently, I run.  I do marathons, and ultra marathons, and really enjoy trail running – out in the forest, jumping over creeks (or through them in storms)  It’s a sickness, I know, but it’s very therapeutic once you are able to relax into it.  I’m sure you will find more posts about this topic.


Something that I want to achieve, and a lot of the reason why I want to push further than just having a job, is that I want to be able to do humanitarian work.  To help people when they need it.  To use my success to make the world a better place.  That requires that I have a passive income stream that can support me, and that is why I am here.


To your success,

Martin Platt